Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Last Day / Few Minutes of 40...

Today is the last day of my 40th year! 
Time to set some goals for the next year of my life.

40 Goals...
In no particular order...
Here goes!

  1. Set up a regular Blogging schedule... and stick to it!
  2. Finish all the short stories I currently have in the works
  3. Send those stories off to be published
  4. Get published? (Okay, so I have no control over this... but it is a goal!)
  5. Finish my novel: The Jurisphere (working title) - hopefully this'll be the last draft... to be seen!
  6. Work on my novel: Sister Stitch-Witch
  7. Clean my room (Come on, with a list of 40, I gotta have some easy ones! Sadly, this is not that.)
  8. Research getting an MLIS degree
  9. Run the No Shush Salon
  10. Take myself out for writing dates more often 
  11. Begin a writers' group
  12. Get a bunny... maybe?
  13. Foster more kittens
  14. Visit my family!
  15. Snuggle ALL the furry creatures living in my house!!!
  16. Get a new car... maybe?
  17. Learn illustration to a satisfactory degree
  18. Illustrate the Stanley stories
  19. Work on my Spanish
  20. Read LOTS of books
  21. Watch LOTS of movies
  22. Study Science (For Science!)
  23. Sew stuff
  24. Get another tattoo or add to one of the ones I've already got
  25. Set up a writing schedule
  26. Go camping
  27. Try new foods
  28. Write at least one note of appreciation each month
  29.  Learn more about trees
  30. Organize my sock drawer
  31. Get a drawer for my socks
  32. Help with finishing the Death Metal Kitchen
  33. Do more rituals
  34. Meditate
  35. Begin a podcast for Ninyx Natterings Presents
  36. Join a gym (YMCA?) with a swimming pool
  37. Research different librarian career paths
  38. Play the Harp again
  39. Go kayaking
  40. Invent teleportation