Monday, January 28, 2013

Meta: Posting on Posting

So my plans to update twice a week has been an abominable FAIL!!! Then, the longer I went without posting, the harder it was to kick myself in to posting again. (Stupid loop of stupidity!)

BUT!!! That's not to say that I have not been writing... I HAVE!!! Here, let me catch you up on all the things I have been doing in my writerly life:
  • I dubbed 2013 "The Year of Rejection"! (I was going to post about that closer to Jan. 1st...)
  • I FINISHED my story, "High Priestess of Roadkill" AND sent it off to be published!
    • It was rejected, but there were some helpful comments that came with that rejection
    • I have sent it to two friends for critique
  • I am working on two new stories:
    • "Why I HATE Dragons!" (working title)
    • The Birth of Squid Shoes: A Cautionary Tale
  • I have started research on a Secret Project... (Oooooooooo!)
  • After working on a map and timelines for Tech Forsaken (maybe working title?), my Jurispherian novel, I have set it aside. I got lots of very helpful critiques from my friends, but I was getting waaaaaaay too bogged down and need some time away from it. I plan to pick it back up again in March.
I have also, sadly, hit a glitch in the "and now I must purchase a computer" department of my life. This is partially due to finances, partially due to indecision and partially due to the demands of the "Secret Project... (Oooooooooo!)"

I'm also going to give myself a specific day of the week to post to this blog. So since today is Monday, that is the day it will be! (I thought this through quite a lot... can't you tell?)

Postings every Monday! Aaaaaaaaand GO!!!