Sunday, March 20, 2016

Progress Report on The Peculiar Predicament of Poppets (Plus, blatant pandering with pup & cat pics)

Today I had the day OFF! Well, not entirely. I'm house-sitting for Phoebe, this beautiful pup:
Adorable Phoebe!
Also, I had to stop by the shelter to get more cat food for Bj√∂rk, the pregnant lady cat I'm fostering. She is VERY preggo and eating constantly. She's super sweet too! Here she is enjoying head scritches:
"Keep scratching, human!"

Anyhow, between walking and playing with Phoebe and visiting our cat boys and preggo kitty, I took myself out writing. I feel like I made a LOT of progress on my novel, The Peculiar Predicament of Poppets. Here's where things stand:

  • My novel is now over 40,000 words, more than halfway through. (I thought I'd be revising all the things by now, but I've been slowly making my way through each chapter and they insist on getting revised before I move on.)
  • I KNOW how the novel is going to end! (I just gotta get there now...)
  • I fixed some character glitches.
  • I got rid of a few characters that weren't fitting.
  • I discovered things about some of my characters.
  • I love you, google maps, for having "walk" & "bike" options so I can figure out how long it would take my one character to walk / pull a cart across state lines and how long it will take another character to reach her destination on a runaway horse in 1871.
  • As of now, there will be 30 chapters in 2 parts. I have 16 chapters fully written and the rest have at least a spark of what they're about.
  • I sketched out the layout of a scene to give me a better idea of movement. I haven't done that since I was writing stage plays. It was good. I need to do more if that!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Morning Musings #2


One of the things about sending my writing out into the world is that I have been collecting lots and lots of rejection letters (er, emails). Many of them are worded nicely and some of them are form letters. (I've never gotten a rude rejection. For that, I am ever so grateful.) But rejection is rejection and it sucks. I got another one today.
To list the good things:

  1. I'm sending my writing out.
  2. I have FINISHED stories / poems to send out.
  3. ...
I can't think of a third thing. Maybe I'll come back to this musing when I have more for the list. If YOU have other positives to take away from writing rejections, please share them in the comments!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Morning Musings #1

I often take a long time to really get into things and often approach them sideways. This is part of why I've never been good at being trendy. Once I get to the point of truly appreciating the thing that has been "all the rave" or whatever, everyone else has moved past it. I'm okay with this. I love that I have friends who are, if not like me, then approaching the world in their own off angled way.  

Perhaps "Morning Musings" will be something I do at least once a week. I do not wish make empty promises, but I will endeavor to do this.